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SCHMALEDURATE – excellence for your comfort
Why should your decision be in favour of SCHMALEDURATE? Our claim says it all. We guarantee excellent results, while our professionalism and reliability ensure that you, our partner, will never miss the feeling of being in safe hands.
We aim for the highest quality and performance standards in the production of our systems, be they individual machines or total solutions. We develop and manufacture for our clients as we do for ourselves. We are not content with the average. What really counts are optimal results.
The result of our passionate drive for improvement and perfection combined with decades of experience and high-precision manufacturing: innovative and high-performing, but at the same time also mature and reliable high-tech systems.
All our efforts at Schmale are targeted at providing the greatest possible benefit for our clients. A perfect realization of your ideas and wishes is only possible if this maximization principle is applied consistently. That is our conviction.
This no-compromise philosophy has always characterized the unmistakeable style held in such high esteem by all our clients. It is this philosophy, in combination with the expert competence and passionate commitment of each one of our employees, which makes SCHMALEDURATE a premium international brand where you, the user, always take centre stage.
While trying to come up with a striking name for the first developments of his own, Carl Schmale senior happened upon the term "durate" (du|ra|te [lat. lasting, persistent, enduring...]), which is still as applicable now. The unequivocal commitment to reliability it expresses remains the most central element of our company philosophy to this very day.
This not only means that we have been vouching for the outstanding quality of our plants with our good name for over 70 years. Rather we also assume responsibility and only make promises we can keep. Schmale sticks to agreements in word and deed. Being an independent family business, we can provide our clients with the stability and security required for a long-term partnership that is based on trust.
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