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SCHMALEDURATE – Proven to be better
Cutting, sewing and folding to perfection. That is what textile manufacturing is all about. And that is also exactly where our key competences lie.
All textile manufacturing processes are based on the three fundamental technologies of cutting, sewing and folding. Even in the case of hemming, as the most sophisticated sub-process, the edges are first cleanly trimmed and then the hem is formed by controlled folding before finally being sewn.
As a specialist for the automation of manufacturing processes, our mastery of these three key technologies is unequalled in the industry. Why? Because we have decades of experience.
In the production of cutting and sewing plants for the home textile industry we can now look back on over 50 years of continuous development activity. And because our company is rooted in the field of sewing technology, we have even been able to build up our know-how in this respect for over 70 years.
With SCHMALEDURATE, top-quality and top productivity in continuous industrial operation aren't merely empty promises, but the result of our special competence. Our experience bears fruit – particularly for you, our client.
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